Restaurant Review: Honest Burger

The Honest Burger. I really love the metal, blue-rimmed plates.

I know this is a bold (and potentially controversial) statement, but a burger from Honest Burger will be the best burger that you have ever eaten. Let me tell you about them.

Amongst the handful of popular London burger chain restaurants (GBK, Five Guys, Byron, Shake Shack, Patty & Bun etc.) Honest is streaks ahead of the others on so many levels. There are 9 branches in London, but I usually go to the Soho one. Firstly, the service is outstanding; not only was it fast and efficient, but the waiters were incredibly friendly. The menu itself, whilst offering a sufficient spectrum of choice, is unfussy and pithy, and let’s face it; a burger should be simple. If I’m going to a burger restaurant I’m most likely to be feeling lethargic and hungry, which means that having to choose the burger meat, bread-type, variety of chips and any additional (expensive) fillings is the last thing I feel like doing. At Honest, you virtually only have to utter a single word and your burger is ordered, since every element is included under one title – including chips. I always order the classic Honest burger – beef, red onion relish, bacon, cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce, served with my favourite chips in the world (a crisp, skins-on affair, seasoned with rosemary salt. Divine.). The portion of chips was generous (in a good way), unlike those miniature, chichi buckets of ‘fries’ that would probably satisfy the appetite of a newborn child  (shoutout to Byron). It’s so refreshing to see the chips served alongside the burger and not offered as a side order – clearly a ploy to make money, I don’t have one friend who would order a burger without chips anyway, and if they did, I don’t think I’d really want them to be my friend after all.

When I first came to Honest I thought the burger might be a little acidic with both the red onion relish and pickled cucumber, but I was so wrong. The proportions of each component were utterly perfect; the smoky bacon was heavenly with the matured cheddar and semi-sweet sharpness of the pickles, and there was just enough lettuce to add a little crunch and elude the diner that they were consuming some level of nutritional goodness within that warm brioche bun.


The burger itself is the thing that makes all the difference. I have never had a more juicy or flavourful burger patty – I seem to have become accustomed to the chokingly dry lump of greyish meat that disguises itself as a burger and plagues today’s society. The meal cost me £10, which I think is outstanding value considering the large portion and high level of deliciousness. Moreover, Honest is the only Burger restaurant that I have ever been to that has catered for coeliacs, and I was treated to a gluten-free bread bun and totally GF chips. Winning.

Another bonus was the drinks menu. This homemade lemonade was delicious and I adored the Mason jar glass and straw.

There are no puddings offered, which would usually be a major problem for me, as my sweet tooth knows no bounds. However, since my burger was the epitome of satisfaction, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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